Christmas in Vilnius 2018

    This year the travelers were encouraged to visit Vilnius by New York Times, as one of nine the most magic Christmas cities.

    First of all, our main Christmas tree, which is always on a Cathedral square is decorated in a different way every year.  It is always a surprise for citizens, what image it will get for this holiday. There is a great Christmas tree lighting ceremony on the first of December. For a big surprise, this year, the Christmas tree is a big dial plate if you look at it from the bird flight or even airplane. It is surrounded by Christmas market, lots of lights, music and happy people.

    The Christmas market is very impressive. Small white wooden houses are offering everything made locally, what gives a special taste and magic spirit for this town. You can get warm with hot chocolate, mulled wine or spicy herbal tea. For sweet pancakes or chocolate waffles you should wait in a cue. Local handcraft masters are offering woolen hats and gloves, amber jewelry,colorful sweets or ceramic magical castles.  All these and even more you can find on Cathedral square, but if you walk ten minutes towards the Gates of Dawn you will reach the Town Hall square. It has its own Christmas tree and quite modern way to settle the market. It is housed in glass globes, which you can enter and have a cup of coffee or a snack inside. The smallest ones can have a ride on Christmas train, visit chocolate house or a toy museum.

    Since Vilnius has about 40 theaters , they are very visited during Christmas period. You can choose an orchestra concert in National Philharmonic Hall, or a ballet or opera in a National Opera House.

    Experience the magic of Vilnius and share it with others!

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