Travel Show MATKA

Together with my colleague we have decided to visit the biggest Travel show in Scandinavian countries MATKA located in Helsinki Finland. Public transport system is very efficient, so we took a short train drive to the exhibition hall.

During the show we met our long term partners from Tours by Locals face to face. It was a big pleasure to present Lithuania for Finnish people, create new connections and build a wider network. Lithuania is becoming a popular destination for travel thanks to this kind of events. The world is becoming smaller!

The last day we have decided to dedicate for sightseeing. It was a real Scandinavian winter day with lots of snow on a ground, blue sky and temperature below -15 degrees of Celsius.

Helsinki was founded by King Gustavus Vasa as a competitor trading post to Tallinn in XVI century. The town is famous by Evangelical Lutheran cathedral from XIX century built as a tribute to the Grand Duke of Finland, Tsar Nicholas I of Russia. With a statue of Emperor Alexander II in front of it. He was an initiator of several reforms that increased Finland’s autonomy from Russia. Uspenski Cathedral from XIX century is stating it’s majesty on a blue sky backgound. Lastly, the most famous sightseeing destination is a church in a rock. Yes, you are right – the church which is carved in a rock.
Temppeliaukio Church- a Lutheran church designed by architects brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen in 1969. Built in a solid rock with amazing acoustics and perfect place for meditations. Copper dome plays with sun light.

After cold sightseeing it is must do to enjoy Finnish tradition – hot sauna!

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