Vilnius 696th Birthday

The last weekend of January Vilnius was celebrating its birthday. Yes, you are right, 996th Birthday party! As the founder of Vilnius, The Grand Duke Gediminas was officially inviting merchants and guests to Vilna in his letter from 25th of January 1323. This year the celebration was unique, the present for Vilnius citizens and guests was the festival of lights. On a 3,7 km route the artists created impressive installations and sculptures. It took about 2 hours to cover it all. The artists tried to reach the audience by visual sense, hearing and even touch. Some of them impressed with colors, other with unpredictable idea. My favorite one was on Vokieciu street, like the exhibition of inside room pictures. The real meaning of it you realize only after you make a picture with yourself and it looks like you are looking through the window to a room. Check the gallery and make your own evaluation.

It will definitely become a tradition to celebrate the birthday of our lovely city, so everybody id invited for next year Vilnius birthday party!

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