The Smoke of a Cigar

Get your thoughts run away in a private cigar lounge with professional instructor, who will serve you appropriately and explain all traditions. The Cigar lounge is connected to restaurant with delicious food. For those who don’t smoke cigars, hookah could be offered too. Great food, relaxing music, comfortable seating, friends and favorite cigar is everything what you need for memorable evening.

  • Cigar “Partag Nr. 4” + Rum “Clement XO”
  • Cigar “ Brun Del Re” + Rum “Zacapa Solanera”
  • Cigar “ Shizo Torpedo” +  Smoky Whisky “Ardberg”
  • Cigar “Lovely Aromatic” + Whisky “ JD Single Barrel”
  • Guide’s assistance


Price depends on your group size, please, contact us and we will prepare the best offer for you

Where we do offer our services?

The cigar room is located in the restaurant in the center of the old town.


Usually about 1 hour, depends on a group size.

Equipment you will need

We suggest smart casual dress code.

We speak

  • English
  • Lithuanian
  • Polish
  • Russian