The guide to Montmartre

The emphasis of this trip to Paris was the Montmartre district. So I would like to be your guide to Montmartre this time. I have decided to book a hotel also there, so could spend more time just strolling around.

Famous people

Montmartre is the last district connected to Paris. Originally it was an industrial area with 30 windmills. Nowadays only two remained , you can still find them while you walk around. It was a district located behind the tax wall, which was marked as a tax free zone. So it became a red light quarter and cheaper alcohol zone. The most popular alcohol drink was Absinthe, which originally contained a poison and caused hallucinations. People addicted to Absent lived maximum up to 40 years. Because of Absinthe and its hallucinogenic power, we know such scandal as Van Gogh cut his ear. He committed a suicide being 37 years old. Later this drink was banned for more than 100 years, it appeared back after poison was distracted. So nowadays we got Absinthe back again.

As we walk along street or Rue Lepic, we find the house where Van Gogh lived with his brother, when he moved to Paris. Paris so impressed him, so he started to paint colorfully.

Where to eat in Montmartre

The Parisians love to eat on a street Lepic. It is a great suggestions for lunch or dinner if you are willing to avoid touristy places. According to advise of a local Parisian, if you are looking for a good place to eat, don’t expect very friendly service, multilingual menu and a wide variety of dishes, this would mean products are not fresh. As well try stay further from restaurants, who post pictures of dishes on the windows. Best places don’t feel need to be advertised.

As we already discusses food theme, which extremely important while you are in Paris, so I would like to suggest two places of Montmartre. The first is the best baguette bakery in Montmartre district and the 4th best baguette in France. There is a famuos competition every year, the winner supplies the Presidents house. On the pictures below you can see people queuing in a bakery to get some yummy staff.

The next place, which was strongly recommended to try is a Michelin star restaurant le Moulin de la Galette. We really enjoyed a food and atmosphere there. Very affordable prices even in Paris. It was my first time to try frog legs! Pierre- Auguste Renoir presented this place on his painting.

The Montmartre is also famous by Pink house, place where painters were meeting, like Van Gogh, Renoir or Picasso.

The first cabaret in France

Moulin Rouge is an artificial wind mill built the same year as an Eiffel tower in order to attract visitors to this district from the Words Trade exhibition.
The oldest cabaret and Can Can was performed in Au Lapin Agille. It seems you can still come for a show.

What connects Vilnius and Montmartre?

The artist from Vilnius has also her personal gallery in Montmartre and you can talk there in Lithuanian. You can find very similar galleries on Pilies street in Vilnius.

The second most visited monument in Paris is Sacre- Coeur Basilica standing at the summit of the butte Montmartre. For Parisians it also reminds the socialist Paris Commune of 1871.

You will also find a cafe from a movie Amelie, Picasso and famous singer Dalida’s house in Montmartre. If you will manage to open your imagination, you can visualise and hear the local residents whispering, disputing and laughing on the streets, you can smell the bohemian breeze and feel the artistic inspiration while you are there.

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